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Cyan Worlds Publishes realMyst iOS Preview 2

Today Cyan Worlds has published a new video preview for the porting of realMyst to iOS for iPhone and iPad!

You can watch it on YouTube here

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Myst V: End of Ages on Steam and GOG!

Cyan Worlds, Inc., together with Ubisoft, has announced that Myst V: End of Ages will be made available for download on the Steam game-distribution platform starting this Friday! And if Steam doesn't get your blood boiling for this, then maybe some Good Old Games will: Cyan also stated that will be distributing the game soon after as well.  No price has been mentioned yet.

So if you haven't played the final entry in the Myst series (although, hopefully, maybe the end can never truly be written), now's the time!

Submitted by: 
Lyrositor and Trekluver

Get Cyan into the Cavern!

In the past, I have heard that players have formed objects to attract the Bahro or other characters into the cavern. So I was thinking: what if players formed the Cyan logo and hummed the tune?  Do you think a Cyan employee would enter the cavern?  Naturally, they're busy, so this may amount to nothing but getting players in the cavern, but I think it would be a fun thing to try.

The event will take place Friday, March 16 at 6:00 PM EST in the Summoner's Hood.(this should be 3:00 PM for Cyan) As someone suggested, we will " ... put gold-clothed people in the fountain and blue-clothed people around it to form a C.".

There will be a stream and an optional Mumble chat where people can actually hum the tune. This will be hosted at the Guild Of Writers( Mumble is very easy to install and set up, it can be found here.  It is open source software and free to download.  Remember, use of Mumble is optional, but use of the MOULa client for voice chat is not allowed.

Being that the event is taking place while Cyan is at work, that means people in their timezone will be at work too, so it's up to us in the east to make the event work and get Cyan to come. If you can't make it, don't worry; I will post a full chat log.

I made a thread where people can write what they want to ask Cyan and I will ask your question to any Cyan employees that enter the cavern.  That thread can be found here.

There will be virtual pizza!  And don't worry, if you can't hold a tune, neither can I!

D'ni Location: 
summoner's hood.
Date of the event: 
Marzo 16, 2012 - 16:00
Submitted by: 
Jamie Marchant
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Riven Daggers Replicas

DaggersCommunity member MYSTRIVEN has announced that he has managed to produce some exact replicas of the Moiety Daggers from Riven, with the consent of Cyan Worlds! Using 3D Models and laser cutting, he has managed to manufacture 40 copies of these iconic objects from Riven.

The daggers are designed through the use of software, unlike Museum Replicas' daggers, which use a mold, and are hand-painted to match the texture of the Moiety daggers. The full creation process is described in detail in this forum thread, so if you happen to have professional industrial design software, a laser cutting facility, painting and texturing skills you can produce the same result yourself!

Cyan has allowed the production of these daggers, so in effect all legal aspects are covered by the following disclaimer:

"The Riven Dagger is a trademark of Cyan Worlds. Used with permission."

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Cyan Prepares Remake of realMyst in the Unity Engine!

A Cyan Worlds developer profile has popped up on the Unity website. The post details Cyan's progress in porting realMyst to iOS using the Unity Engine. Maybe this was what Rand Miller meant when he said they were looking into new game engines in the Mysterium Interview. Here's a chunk from the article detailing the process of the port and the relative ease of creating a Unity proof of concept:

“Our biggest hurdle was getting our original assets converted to import correctly,” says realMyst programmer Karl Johnson of the process. “When we first started, we knew that our source assets were going to be a problem; they were in an old format, and Plasma (our internal engine) required custom plugins for most everything.” After creating a few Unity Editor scripts, they were able to retrieve their meshes, materials, and correct problems from the old set of data. “It took some time to figure out this process and it's not perfect, but we were really impressed with how much control Unity gave us,” says Johnson. Once the team had successfully imported a scene into the Unity editor, they were able to quickly come up with a proof of concept. “Looking at our repository log, it looks like we had checked in the scene on a Monday, and had a partially functional scene by Friday morning,” says Johnson. Read more

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